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Study Sheds Light on the Leading Cause of Obesity by

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Study Sheds Light on the Leading Cause of Obesity by

July 19
06:44 2019

A recent survey conducted by the weight loss experts at the Louise Parker Method reveals that lack of motivation is believed by dieters to be the number one obstacle to weight loss. But are we missing a piece of the weight loss puzzle?

The equation for weight loss seems deceptively simple – to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit and expend more energy than you consume. And yet over 90% of diets fail, and only 5% of those who do shed the pounds manage to keep the weight off. A study of the Biggest Loser contestants who had lost 100-200 pounds was particularly telling. The former contestants were surveyed over the following six years – and almost all gained back the pounds they had lost. Moreover, the study revealed that the contestant’s metabolisms had also slowed – and their bodies were fighting back against their weight loss.

With obesity on the rise and over 60% of people claiming to want to lose weight, Louise Parker’s survey asks the question, what do we think is the biggest obstacle to weight loss and how do we overcome it?

The online survey posed this question to over 1,500 participants who were offered a choice between several different categories, including:

a. Unable to maintain results
b. Unable to fit a plan into lifestyle
c. Feeling deprived of favourite food and drink
d. Lack of support from family and friends
e. Unable to stay motivated

The results reveal that over 25% of people claim their greatest obstacle to weight loss is motivation, followed by 14% claiming it’s down to feeling deprived of food and drink – while only 1% claimed their inability to lose weight and sustain it was linked to fitness and dietary plans that failed to fit into their lifestyle.

Why Willpower and Motivation Fail Us

Motivation has long been wielded as an emotional weapon for weight loss. Grit, perseverance, willpower – these intangible concepts appear as supposedly inspirational slogans on gym walls, social media and are even spouted by personal trainers. So why do so many of us struggle to stay motivated? And more importantly, is weight loss truly dependent on motivation?

In reality, science shows that weight loss has very little to do with motivation, willpower, weakness and guilt. Of course, a little grit and dedication can be useful tools to draw upon when changing your habits. But frustration at faltering motivation can lead to vicious cycles of blame and self-doubt – all of which are emotionally damaging and completely unproductive for weight loss goals.

The brain is complex and there is no way to trick it into staying committed to new regimes. Relying on inner motivation for weight loss ignores the many other aspects that could be contributing to stubborn weight such as loneliness, stress and physical conditions.

The Power of Habit Change

The survey thus reveals a flaw in our approach to weight loss. Weight loss expert Louise Parker believes people spend too much time focusing on their levels of motivation and less on how to build routines into their lives. “Deep down I think we all know that the only way to achieve a permanent aesthetic result which thrills you or to totally awaken your energy levels and motivation in all aspects of life, is to make a lifestyle shift,” Louise Parker explained. “This can be an overwhelming thought as we are totally bombarded with conflicting information and we don’t know where to start.”

Indeed, research continues to reveal that habits are the key to weight loss. A study by Australia’s Bond University found people who implemented healthy habits in their daily life, not only lost more weight than those that undertook a fad diet but they also maintained the habits and continued to lose weight.

Habits don’t require “motivation” or inhuman levels of willpower. Once formed, healthy habits become self-perpetuating. The key – according to Louise Parker – is establishing these healthy habits in your lifestyle. “If you’re consistent and smart, it won’t take long to get the body you’ve always dreamed of,” she promises. “But it has to become part of you, not something that you are “doing”. Take the most direct route. Create habits that you love, and that work for you.”

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