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Diamond Network received Crypto Reserve’s investment of 5 Million USDT for development

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Diamond Network received Crypto Reserve’s investment of 5 Million USDT for development

July 19
06:48 2019


Like winter brought by capital leaving from the Internet industry, the block chain industry also experienced a cold winter. One after another was knocked out on the originally crowded way and the diversified block chain projects were weeded out. The block chain platform is being subverted. 

Consequently, the trip of rebuilding the block chain market was created. Diamond Network re-linked the value island across the chain Internet and received $5 million in investment from Crypto Reserve, the famous capital of the block chain.(1C1FTNUGrrPjzbMgd9a64q4UFZTZEpFWKd)Diamond Network formally started its opening up trip.


When the block chain market starts its new evolving and the capital begins to dig out the possibility of block chain, we can see that a new development of the two after convergence.

Through the early baptism, people are more rational and objective in understanding the block chain, the so-called digital currency is no longer a necessary for the block chain, but a supporting.

Diamond Network is a new blueprint for the future development of block chains. At present, block chain is an isolated island of value. With the help of Diamond Network cross-chain technology, multi-atom exchange can be achieved. Thomas Daly is a participant in Ethereum Yellow Paper. In June 2014, Thomas Daly has put forward the operability vision of cross-chain technology, which can realize multi-chain interlinking, and value interaction. Since 2019, some new technologies emerge one after another, provided some new solutions. When most chains can achieve 3000, 4000TPS, there may be opportunities for substantial performance improvement. But if only a few dozen percent increase, it will be similar to the development of Internet technology in that year, not the best technology is finally accepted, but the most user-based technology is accepted. The Internet also had many protocols. In the 1990s, after the Internet TCP/IP network technology protocol was established, many Internet developers claimed to have better performance solutions, but none of them were adopted by the whole network. The same is true of block chains. In addition to individual performance improvements, it also requires meeting new requirements before they can be accepted.

Based on the judgment, we are happy to see technology like Diamond Network which can solve existing problems and current demand, allowing us do more things at the application level of the block chain. The appearance of Diamond Network not only contributes to the industry of block chain, but also to our creation of new economy and new economic model.

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