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Feisou proposed new plan, which can improve hair health and probably the mental state

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Feisou proposed new plan, which can improve hair health and probably the mental state

July 19
07:00 2019

People who want to settle their annoyance from oily hair should know what produces oil first.

Oil secretion on the scalp is the result of the combined action of gene and environment. When the gene activity is higher than usual, people’s skin will be easier to secrete oil, besides, staying up , having an unhealthy diet and drinking will also cause it. When genes can’t be changed, we can start with something else, such as getting regular rest, developing healthy eating habits and choose a good shampoo that can clean the scalp and would not be irritant to it. 

People always find the top search terms are oil removing and oil control when they search for shampoo online. Many of them have been trying to find a shampoo with strong cleaning power to fight with oily hair. While using this kind of shampoo will damage hair to some extend. Because there is a binder in hair called the cell membrane complex (CMC), a combination of proteins and structural lipids that hold epidermal and sebum cells together, locking in nutrients and moisture.

While frequent powerful cleaning will destroy it and lead to the moisture and nutrients loss, thus the hair becomes withered and the scalp becomes dry and itchy, which will make the sebaceous glands secrete more oil to nourish them, and that’s why the hair is always greasy even people wash it every day.

Actually, the healthy scalp and hair are neither dry nor oily. We should try to find a shampoo that can clean hair without damaging it. feisou SCALP DEEP CLEANSING amino acid shampoo is recently popular. It can clean hair in a mild way and supplement nutrients to it. Citrus limon essential oil and citrus grandis peel oil in this shampoo can nourish hair and smooth it. What’s more, the trehalose in it can moisturize hair.

Being liquid in texture, fine in foam and with natural fragrance, feisou shampoo will bring people a pleasant shampoo experience and restore their hair to a refreshing state.

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