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A new country in Europe is forming, and it is modern and environmentally conscious

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A new country in Europe is forming, and it is modern and environmentally conscious

September 02
20:10 2019
A new country in Europe is forming, and it is modern and environmentally conscious

Verdis, officially the Free Republic of Verdis is Europe’s newest country. Located between Croatia and Serbia on a strip of land locally named ‘pocket 3’ of the Croatia-Serbia Border Dispute, the microstate was declared on 30th May 2019 by politician and activist Daniel Jackson. Since then, the small country has received recognition from a number of political parties and politicians but is still aiming for recognition from UN member states. Verdis is currently rightful towards its claim as it is the oldest active entity to lay claim to the strip of land as Croatia nor Serbia lay claim to the land according to the Croatia-Serbia border dispute. Verdis is dedicated to becoming not only the most environmentally conscious country in the world but essentially the most modern. The Verdisian Government constantly works towards modern technology in hopes that it will not only be used by Verdis, but many other countries as well. 

Verdis plans to set itself as a role model for a future and present nations to follow in. With Verdis being the newest state in the world, the country is still working towards funding and international recognition but is already rightful towards its claim under international law. The Verdisian Government states that it is de jure to the claim, and is currently working towards funding, promotion, and recognition for further establishment. (as read on the national website:

So far the country has proven successful and has received an incredibly large amount of support. Verdis is a country dedicated to building the future of humanity. The Verdisian Government believes that other states will benefit from the establishment of Verdis in terms of research, humanitarian efforts and more. The Verdisian Government are constantly working every day towards getting closer and closer to properly inhabiting the land claim and succeeding its goals.

At this moment of time, Verdis remains unrecognized although is rightfully a state under international law of the Montevideo Convention, along with it also being the oldest active entity to lay claim to its land. The Verdisian Government state that they cannot estimate when people will be able to move there, but Citizenship applications are now open along with donation and business registration links, all shown on its national website at

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