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AI Interview Bots That Have Revolutionized Traditional Recruitment

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AI Interview Bots That Have Revolutionized Traditional Recruitment

June 30
19:47 2020

Singapore – The outbreak of Covid-19 not only caused many people to lose their jobs but also allowed people with jobs to rethink their work methods, career plans, and how to deal with various professional crises that may arise in the future. No exception for those in the HR position. Under such circumstances, HRs not only faced how to use lower costs and higher efficiencies to find the right candidate but more importantly, they had to make decisions without meeting the candidates. If a one-to-one video interview is used instead of face-to-face communication, will it affect HR’s judgment? Or is it that suitable tools will help HR improve efficiency and even help those SMB without HR? In this particular economic situation, maybe everyone needs to think about how to find the right talent.

AI interview is the trend

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and bots are changing the dynamics of recruitment. AI interview bots are faster and can consider information human recruiters can’t calculate quickly. These AI interview bots help HR departments move more quickly through large pools of applicants and ultimately make it cheaper to hire. Moreover, AI interview bots can be used to avoid human biases, like an unconscious preference for graduates of a particular university, or a bias against women or a racial minority.

Recruiters are increasingly using AI interview to make the first round of cuts and to determine whether a job posting is even advertised to you. Often trained on data collected about previous or similar applicants, these AI interview bots can cut down on the effort recruiters need to expend in order to make a hire. Last year, 67 percent of hiring managers and recruiters surveyed by LinkedIn said AI interview bots were saving them time.

The birth of HIRE.VIDEO

HIRE. VIDEO ( is such an AI interview bot to help you intelligently screen candidates. It is not relying on candidates’ “hard power” but their “soft power”. These “soft power” include candidates’ personality traits, open-mindedness, emotional stability, etc. And all of these characters are the analysis results of their body language, facial experience as well as voice emotions during the video interview. In addition, it will combine the candidates’ self-assessment to show their understanding of themselves.

This AI-powered interview bot can find out how many times a candidate smiled or frown during the interview, and if there was excitement in the voice of the person and what was the level of engagement with the interviewer. Such traits are much needed in leaders, influencers or those in profiles involving personal interaction, such as sales, and customer service, or even teachers.

Just take a look at these following situations, maybe you are been trapped in one of them:

1. HR of large enterprises, busy with telephone/face-to-face recruitment every day, need to screen piles of resumes

2. An inexperienced HR can only perform simple resume screening but cannot know whether the candidate’s personality traits are suitable for the company

3. A small and medium-sized business owner with limit budget, no need of full-time HR for recruitment for the time being, but does have recruitment needs

4. One of the enterprises that are unable to conduct face-to-face interviews, eagerly looking for new recruitment methods in the face of sudden unpredictable crises.

AI interview bot HIRE.VIDEO can save you out of these, and become your smart HR by quick creation and distribution of jobs, automated recruitment and screening, thus resulting in unbiased, rapid and accurate recruitment on a large scale. When you get an HR like HIRE.VIDEO, your recruitment will be eventually more effective.

What HIRE.VIDEO can really bring to you, and what are the benefits of AI interview bot:

• Dramatic reduction in hiring cost

• Process hundreds of candidates at the same time

• Take the bias out of interviews

• Traceable interview data

• Evaluation and real-time scoring of the video interview

HIRE.VIDEO is the first launched AI product of SHADOW TECH, a startup based in Singapore. The creative team is currently working hard to polish the product and push it to the Southeast Asian market.

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