The Newer Technologies Now Available Can Assist with Better Results in Laser Hair Removal

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The Newer Technologies Now Available Can Assist with Better Results in Laser Hair Removal

August 20
22:42 2020

Individuals both men and women do enjoy looking their best quickly and easily and in Canada are now turning towards laser hair removal to achieve this end.  Canada MedLaser in Newmarket, Ontario does provide the latest and greatest methods of new advanced technologies in laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal is advancing quickly, and Canada Med Laser does pride itself on keeping up with the latest advances.  Shaving unwanted hair takes time and energy and must be repeated frequently.  Laser hair removal prevents much of this unwanted time as the procedure keeps the unwanted hair away much longer. 

Customizable wave lengths are now available for all skin types and hair types.

This does lead to less pain, less regrowth, and a more aesthetically pleasing look after a session without the redness that is usually apparent.  Waxing, once so popular was uncomfortable, pulling the hair out by the root.  Laser technology targets the hair follicles with a laser beam that heats up, destroying the follicle and providing more comfortable and longer-lasting results.  

Hair removal done via laser is known as epilation.

It is gaining popularity as the results are long lasting.  It does this by damaging the hair follicles to prevent regrowth.  Electrolysis is also a form of epilation but not as long lasting and can lead to more skin rashes and redness.  Depilation is more traditionally waxing and shaving and both can be uncomfortable and not provide long-term hair removal.  Epilation is now becoming more preferred although both methods can generally be used on any part of the body.  It is the longer lasting results done via epilation through laser that is making this technology surge in popularity now.

Results can vary according to parts of the body and the type of hair to be removed. 

Very thick, coarse, hair, that is abundant on many parts of the body may take more than one session.  This can be especially true for men who now also seek laser hair removal, especially around Newmarket in Ontario.  Men generally have more hair that is coarser and thicker.  Ethnic differences as well as genetic differences do tend to show that men can suffer more from hair that grows from the ears.  This can be considered unattractive by many males and they can seek a more permanent removal as shaving this area is difficult and very ineffective.  It can make males self-conscious about their appearances. 

No matter what type of hair removal, even with laser hair removal a consultation should occur.

Only a licensed aesthetician can promise the results that a client is seeking and while not a major medical procedure there are precautions that should be discussed and taken before the laser hair removal.  There can also be minor side effects, so it is wise to have a consultation and go over the entire procedure and desired results before proceeding.  Any type of hair removal will benefit from a licensed clinician rather than a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach.  Research and find a clinic and aesthetician who specializes in laser hair removal before proceeding.

About Canada MedLaser Newmarket

Canada MedLaser has many locations but now features one in Newmarket, Ontario.  A visit to their website will spell out the deals and packages and all types of procedures and costs.  There are many varieties of discounts to choose from. There is a toll-free phone number, email and an online form.  There is a free consultation and results are guaranteed. Aestheticians are all licensed. 

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