Amazon Account Got Suspended? Jerome Basilio’s Amazon Account Reinstatement Service Is Ready To Help

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Amazon Account Got Suspended? Jerome Basilio’s Amazon Account Reinstatement Service Is Ready To Help

August 25
00:48 2020

Amazon is a one-stop online shop for more than 310 million people. With just one click, or even a simple touch on your screen, you can have any product delivered to your doorstep without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

The “click and buy” feature on Amazon creates the illusion that all operations on Jeff Bezos’ brainchild run as smooth as can be. However, while customers are busy enjoying the many perks of Amazon, selling on the platform is far from cakewalk. Contrary to Amazon’s  customer-friendly business model, those who sell on Amazon often find themselves faced with a myriad of problems. One such problem which constantly haunts sellers in Amazon account suspensions. Every seller on Amazon has either heard of this, or has been hit by this. Suspensions happen all across the board for various reasons, and getting Amazon accounts reinstated is no walk in the park, especially for the novice seller.

The vision:

This is exactly why Jerome Basilio decided to form With a unique knack for helping others and a sense for justice, he designed Got Suspended to be the ultimate Amazon account reinstatement service available out there. With likeminded and professional team members on board with his vision, Jerome and Got Suspended set out to make Amazon account reinstatement a less overburdening task for suspended Amazon sellers.

The service:

Got Suspended Amazon Account Reinstatement Service offers its assistance and expertise in dealing with various forms of Amazon suspensions, from cases occurring due to verification issues, to more serious cases such as Intellectual Property complaints. The team also prepares ironclad appeals written by professionals which are tailored to each specific case and client.

The knowledge and experience that Got Suspended brings to the table, combined with its unique case-by-case approach, make this Amazon account reinstatement service stand out among others.

For Got Suspended, clients are top priority and the team strives not only to assist, but also to educate the client on how to calmly proceed in the event of a suspension. The website,, is full of information on what suspensions are, how they work, and how they are dealt with.

The abundance of information, Got Suspended believes, lessens the anxiety sellers experience in the face of suspensions.

Different types of suspensions:

Amazon account reinstatements can range from moderate to difficult to professional in terms of complexity. A seller may be suspended due to a simple matter such as inputting the wrong information, or a slightly difficult issue such as listing a product they were not allowed to sell. More complex cases occur when sellers list inauthentic products or two different Amazon account get linked for any reason.

Luckily for clients, Got Suspended has had a ton of experience in all mentioned cases, with an excellent track record of reinstating complex accounts that seemed hopeless at first sight.

That being said, Got Suspended is a professional service, and much like any other professional services, it offers no guarantee. That is because there may be cases where the account is too far out of reach, albeit said cases being far and few in between. While attending to each case with care, Got Suspended also relies on its clients to do their diligence and cooperate for a faster resolution to their suspension.

That dreadful email from Amazon which states that your Amazon account has been suspended, your selling privileges have been removed, and your funds are being held can be a devastating blow to any seller. Jerome Basilio’s Amazon Account Reinstatement Service, Got Suspended, is here to help any seller who has been suspended on Amazon’s platform.

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