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Stratton Security Releases Unarmed Security and Patrol Services to Monitor Suspicious Behaviors and activities in Dallas

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Stratton Security Releases Unarmed Security and Patrol Services to Monitor Suspicious Behaviors and activities in Dallas

September 29
20:36 2020
Stratton Security Releases Unarmed Security and Patrol Services to Monitor Suspicious Behaviors and activities in Dallas

Security companies all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex
Stratton Security releases unarmed security and patrol services. It helps to control suspicious behaviors and violent crime incidents.

Stratton Security, one of the reputable security guard companies in Dallas, releases unarmed security and patrol services. The idea of those two services is to help keep an eye on suspicious behaviors. Based on the recent data, there were 28 active shooter incidents in Texas in 2019. Those actions killed up to 36 people and wounded 52 others. The data also shows that there were 34 mass attacks in public places that killed 33 people. The representative of the security company explained, ”We have serious criminal cases here. Besides the active shooter incidents and mass attacks, Dallas has a serious problem in violent crime incidents and aggravated assaults. People have to control and reduce the cases by monitoring and controlling the parameters. One of our mission goal is to deliver the unarmed security guard service in order to monitor suspicious behavior and deter criminals from coming near the properties we are guarding.”

The services are not limited to residences or real estate and construction sites, hotels, apartments, supermarkets, but extends to more than that. Monitoring an area is not as simple as people imagine. The security guards have to make sure that they don’t scare or worry people.  They have to be sensitive to people and alert to anything that can be suspicious.  Most importantly, they have to pro-active and experienced as they have to react swiftly and understand the consequences of their reactions.

The representative of the company stated, “Handling suspicious actions is dangerous. It needs the percipience of skillful and trained officers to limit undesired risks. Trained officers understand how to behave while taking in consideration all details and specifics. We equipped our officers with the latest skills and knowledge about security tools, standards, and actions before launching the security patrol services. Our mission is to keep everyone in our service area safe and calm. But if there is any suspicious activity, Then we will address it immediately.”

In some certain situations, there might be a need for more than just unarmed officers to handle the instance. This is the time when the officers call backup. Due to the evolving condition, the security officers should call armed security officers to help. Armed security companies need to train their officers to understand the right patrol techniques, emergency procedures, proper protocol and command, and code of conduct. Officers also need to understand the state laws, criminal and civil liability, and public safety and private security Bureau. The representative added, “We made it much easier for people to reach out to our security team f. They can just look us up over the net by googling security guard companies near me.”

About Stratton Security:

Stratton Security is a company that focuses on serving security services. The company is ready with professional officers to protect properties and people. The services include armed security officers, unarmed officers, and security patrol officers.

Media Contact
Company Name: Stratton Security
Contact Person: Mekki Bennis
Email: Send Email
Phone: (866) 489-9919
Address:2650 Midway Rd Suite 238
City: Carrollton
State: TX
Country: United States

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