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Kevin A. Guttman is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist in Colorado Springs, CO

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Kevin A. Guttman is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist in Colorado Springs, CO

November 10
14:33 2020
Kevin A. Guttman is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO – At least 59% of Americans are concerned about running out of money after retirement because many of them have no pension and rely on a fixed income that is usually not enough to cover living expenses. On the other hand, more than one million senior Americans have opted for a reverse mortgage program that provides them with the cash flow they need to live their retirement with peace of mind. 

A reverse mortgage is a unique type of mortgage, which allows homeowners over age 62 to use the equity in their homes through a variety of payment solutions. Many seniors have found this type of loan to be a great way to increase their income and continue living in their homes without having to worry about monthly mortgage payments. 

Obtaining a reverse mortgage is a relatively simple process. However, it is a process that requires more than merely filling out an application; specific steps must be taken and of which borrowers must be well informed. Kevin A. Guttman – Reverse Mortgage Specialist has years of experience helping seniors in the process of acquiring their mortgages. He focuses on offering his clients all the information and support necessary to make their processes as simple and informed as possible.

“It’s all about helping people live the retirement lifestyle they deserve. Kevin says he’s met with so many seniors who are house rich and cash poor. They have no pension, they’re relying on Social Security, and many are working well past retirement age because they’re worried about their financial future. Kevin believes it’s his mission to inform and educate people, give them honest Reverse Mortgage In Denver answers and advice, and help them consider their options.” Said the spokesperson for Kevin A. Guttman – Reverse Mortgage Specialist, regarding Mr. Guttman’s labor.

A reverse mortgage is ideal for single-family homes, detached homes, townhouses, and two-to-four unit properties that are owner-occupied; however, condominiums and some manufactured homes are also eligible as long as they meet FHA guidelines. 

Seniors who are eligible for their reverse mortgage loan can receive their payments through equal monthly payments (tenure); equal monthly payments for a fixed period of months as decided by the borrower (term); payments made in installments or at various times and in amounts dictated by the borrower (line or credits); monthly payments with a line of credit (modified tenure);  or monthly fees for a fixed period of months with a range of loan (modified term).

As a Reverse Mortgage Planner, Kevin A. Guttman strives to offer his clients the best options on the best possible terms. He is committed to educating his clients about their home financing options while reasonably explaining the loan programs. 

“My realtor friend suggested I contact Kevin Guttman to look into a reverse mortgage.  At 63 and single, I owned my home free and clear, but wanted to buy a truck and travel trailer and see the USA!  From the equity in my home, I was able to do just that.  Kevin Guttman listened carefully to my goals and helped me understand the nuances and benefits of a reverse mortgage.  I couldn’t be happier.  Being able to travel and see the USA is a dream come true for me.  Thank you, Kevin, I sure appreciate all you have done for me!”

Kevin A. Guttman – Reverse Mortgage Specialist is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact him via phone at (719) 302-5820, toll-free: (877) 251-9709, or via email at [email protected] For more information about the reverse mortgage lenders Colorado, visit the company’s website.

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