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How Monika Deroussel Gained Success in the Real Estate Industry

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How Monika Deroussel Gained Success in the Real Estate Industry

November 19
09:03 2020
How Monika Deroussel Gained Success in the Real Estate Industry

Monika Deroussel has certainly made a name for herself in the real estate industry. Having been named the number one individual real estate agent in Southern Ohio 2011-2018, and ranked as one of the 100 individual real estate agents in the United States in 2019, Monika is known for her friendly and enthusiastic demeanor. However, she did not achieve this success overnight. “I was born and raised in Czechoslovakia,” she explains. “I came to the United States at the age of 21 on a full running scholarship and I’ve run track and field professionally from a young age. That’s what makes me unique: the hard work of an athlete, perseverance, and the desire to win.”

Leaving behind her beloved family was not easy, but Monika was determined to be bold in building her life in the U.S. As a result of her athletic success, she has taken the lessons learned on the track and applied them to her real estate career. “Mindset when you are starting your own business is everything. You have to accept failure as a way of learning,” she says. “The biggest challenge starting a business is you are on your own; it’s a survival drill.”

With fourteen years of experience under her belt, Monika is passionate about sharing her story with aspiring real estate agents, encouraging them to “make it happen” just as she has. Her greatest piece of advice? “Find a great coach and mentor who has done it before,” she says. “My coach once said, ‘Success is what you want!’ That summarizes it for me, because what I want might be very different from what others want.”

Whether in track and field, or in real estate, coaching has been crucial for Monika’s success. Now, she’s returning the favor. Monika has taken her running skills and passed them along as a track and field coach, while also supporting her children in their own athletic careers. She also has adapted the concept of coaching to her real estate endeavors. She explains, “I run a real estate business, assisting buyers and sellers with the biggest transaction of their life, but I also recruit and coach agents and help them take their real estate career to the next level.”

For Monika, success means being able to support her children’s dreams and bless others. Admittedly, her children are the motivation behind everything that she does. “I started in the real estate business with the desire to learn how it works so I can help my friends and family,” she remembers. “The desire to get into this business was to build a better future for my kids.”

In early 2020, Monika made the transition to eXp Realty, joining one of the fastest-growing, global real estate companies. Looking to the future, she plans to continue flourishing in her own career, while helping other real estate professionals with their own. She notes,  “My next project is to build an EXP power team where we empower agents with knowledge and tools to become the best version of themselves and reach new levels of success.”

To find out more about Monika, follow her on Instagram here.

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