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The Drum Dial – The (his)story of an unusual historic telephone

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The Drum Dial – The (his)story of an unusual historic telephone

November 24
17:42 2020
The Drum Dial - The (his)story of an unusual historic telephone

“The Drum Dial” by Christoph T. M Krause
Christoph T. M Krause takes readers of “The Drum Dial” on a journey back to a new beginning for Germany after Hour Zero.

If a younger person was presented with a drum dial phone, they would most likely not have a clue about how to operate it. Even some older people might never have seen and used a drum dial phone, as they were never released for general public use by the German Federal Post, which – back then – was in charge of all things concerning communication by telephone. The author, who was born in the 1950s, was one of the families which had a drum dial phone as his father worked for the company that developed this particular type of phone (Siemens). For Christoph T.M. Krause, other phones were strange when he was a child. In the following decades, he saw how phones developed and decided to now dedicate a whole book to the drum dial phone to show people this little technological “wonder” of his youth.

In “The Drum Dial” by Christoph T. M Krause, readers not only learn how exactly this type of phone worked (from the internal structure of the device to its exterior design), but also who held patents for the drum dial, and what the history behind its development was. The little book is about 80 pages long and includes a variety of photos which make the content easy to understand (e.g. pictures of interior parts to explain how the interior actually worked). This book is a great read for people who have an interest in the history of phones and are fascinated by the way phones developed over time.

“The Drum Dial” by Christoph T. M Krause is now available from tredition or can be ordered through retail using ISBN 978-3-347-16148-1. tredition assists young and unknown authors with publishing their own books, but also cooperates with publishers and publishing houses. tredition publishes books in print and digital formats, distributes locally and online, and actively markets all titles.

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