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Finding Inner Peace and Happiness

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Finding Inner Peace and Happiness

February 08
18:27 2021
As mentioned on Supreme Master Television, the Quan Yin method of meditation is a powerful way attain peace of mind and experience Universal Consciousness.

In the current state of the world we are witnessing rapid changes with much uncertainty of the future, regardless if it be due to the pandemic, climate change or economic and social upheaval. In such times, how can we find inner peace as well as benefit society at large. It is comforting to know that a path to real knowing and peace exists today as it has throughout history. That path has been known in many different cultures, and by many different names such as the Tao, Shabd, Om, or the Word to name but a few. Today it is known as the Quan Yin method of meditation, and consists of meditating on the Light and Sound that resides within. To contemplate on this eternal vibration brings much comfort, clarity, wisdom and compassion for all living beings.

Today this ancient practice is taught by Supreme Master Ching Hai, a Living Enlightened Master who after a long period of deep meditation, descended from the Himalayas with boundless Love, to share with the world the Wisdom and Light of God, and alleviate humanity’s suffering. She teaches this method of eternal liberation free of charge to those who sincerely wish to follow the Path of the Saints and return to the Heavenly Kingdom within.

On rare occasion, we have an opportunity to be given personal guidance and teaching from an Enlightened Soul who can lead us along our own path toward self-realization, a person who can provide a living example of self-mastery who will guide and support us, both externally and internally, as we begin the often difficult journey to spiritual freedom and Enlightenment.

Through an ancient rite of initiation, this Enlightened Soul can awaken us to the “Supreme Master with in,” which is the fundamental Nature and the birthright of every human on Earth. The Supreme Master Ching Hai is one of those rare Living Teachers who will share Her realization free of any conditions to all those who sincerely seek liberation and spiritual knowledge.

In times so turbulent as now it is reassuring that such a way to Truth and serenity is available to any who seek it. For more information on the Quan Yin method please visit 

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