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Oakasha Khan’s Keeping People Entertained Throughout Lockdown

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Oakasha Khan’s Keeping People Entertained Throughout Lockdown

February 09
22:00 2021
Oakasha Khan's Keeping People Entertained Throughout Lockdown

Many people have had to get used to the idea of staying at home more often over the past year because of the pandemic. Knowing that people were getting bored but couldn’t go anywhere, Oakasha Khan made their lives a little bit better by continuously providing his upbeat videos.

Instagram Star On The Rise

Oakasha Khan is an Instagram influencer whose video content has kept people entertained while they were stuck at home during the lockdown. He is well known for posting a wide range of content that appeals to followers all around the globe. With over 31 thousand followers and counting, Oakasha is becoming that Instagram star everyone is talking about.

His upbeat sense of humor shines in his videos, making it easy to see why Oakasha is an influencer on the rise. While he has many humorous videos and interactions with the public, things don’t stop there. Oakasha also features many ongoing events and interviews so his audience is always in the loop.

Part of the reason he has become such a hit on Instagram is that he has such a relatable sense of humor. When people watch his videos they feel like they are watching one of their friends. While always seeming to be the life of the party, he still makes time for his family and friends. His audience can see that and it aspires them to be more like him.

Keeping Up With Oakasha

Oakasha was born in Pakistan, but his family moved to the USA when he was young. He loves being a part of the community and is actively involved in many charity events. The main reason he began posting videos on Instagram is that he wanted to use a platform where he could regularly motivate people.

He loves the fact that he can use his popularity to make other people’s day better. If his Instagram videos put a smile on at least one person’s face today, then he knows he has done his job. While many influencers aim to look good, Oakasha’s motive is to make people feel good.

All of his positive content has landed Oakasha some features on many famous pages, including LADBible, WorldStar, Lord Desi, and more. He can’t wait to show everybody what he has up his sleeve this year. To see Oakasha Khan’s videos, follow his Instagram page at

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