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Launching A Successful Facebook & Instagram Campaign during lockdown.

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Launching A Successful Facebook & Instagram Campaign during lockdown.

February 10
19:24 2021
How Hamburg Language School got 3 new students enrolled in less than 24 hours after launching a Facebook & Instagram campaign with only 7$ spent (33x ROAS & Mid-Lockdown)

Launching a successful FB & IG Campaign isn’t what it used to be 6 years ago, 4 years ago or even 2 years ago, everything is continuously changing, and as a Marketer, got to be up to date!

This is a little success story Albers Agency had for a close friend, who only had a budget of $100 but wanted to market himself on Social Media.

This is gonna be broken down into 4 crucial aspects:

The Product/Service

The Offer

The Audience

The Funnel (Or Landing Page)

Ask questions as a consumer, really think about how the product/service is solving somebody’s problem or is adding massive value to someone.

How well is the product positioned in the market?

What are the competitors doing that’s giving them any possible advantages? (If applicable)

Does the product/service clearly solve a problem or create a new better opportunity for customers?

Think about how well the proposition is structured.

A lot of people don’t really put that much time into creating the Ad Campaign or Funnel.

Think about it this way; The product is being advertised in front of a potential customer,

What first impression will it make?

Writing a text in 2 minutes and thinking “This should do”?

Because thats the first step to burn the ad budget on Social Media.

Use an image that is relevant to the audience, something that doesn’t feel like an ad, something where they start reading the Ad Copy and immediately identify with it, use their lango.

This brings me to point 3.

3. The Audience

The ability to identify and find a market fit for the product.

Do you know what the perfect customer is?

A perfect customer loves the product, will not return it, and will most likely shop again and refer others.

Start thinking about what common interests all of the existing customers might have. (If it is still unclear, do some research on it)

Also, try using Audience Insights from Facebook and let creativity run wild while gaining valuable insights from Facebook the platform itself.


4. The Funnel/Landing Page

The funnel is the website a potential customer gets redirected to after clicking on the Ad.

So again, ask the questions a customer would ask, WHAT exactly is the product, HOW is the offer structured, and WHO is the ad talking it to?

If everything is thought out to this point, it’s necessary to make it even clearer on the Funnel!

Don’t add any distractions to the Funnel; give them as much value as possible (Discount code, let them know how using the product will change certain aspects of their life, etc.)

To wrap it all up, if all of the questions above were answered precisely it should get clearer who the audience is and how the product is going to be marketed.

Time to launch the first campaign!

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