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Mohammad Farhat Debuts The Practical MBA.

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Mohammad Farhat Debuts The Practical MBA.

April 22
01:27 2021
Helping employees level up business skills preparing them for a promotion.

Mohammad Farhat offers a 6-week online certification program combined with private 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

Mohammad Farhat is the founder of “The Practical MBA” an alternative to the MBA degree. “

As a business owner, Mohammad has taken the most important elements of an MBA and condensed it into a 6-week course. He will be utilizing his 13 years in the Consulting industry to deliver course material LIVE and give expert 1-1 consultation with each student to ensure individual success.

His strategies include value creation, marketing and sales, and leadership. As the instructor, Mohammad will be helping employees increase their skills so that they can prime themselves for a promotion.

Each student will be learning from Mohammad LIVE on a fixed schedule. Students will also be in classes that run 3 hours long with homework and assignments after each class.

Mohammad’s focus will be to also have the students interact, learn from each other, and build a community of knowledge. There will be an extensive focus on the 1-1 coaching where Mohammad can listen to individual cases and advise accordingly.

Stats have shown that nearly 25% of all employees think that simply working harder gets you a promotion, whereas only 8% believe it’s about having a mentor.

Mohammad wants to help people realize that moving up isn’t automatic, and that there needs to be a vacant spot and will always be several people gunning for the same position.

Mohammad has recently launched The Practical MBA Program LIVE, and more information can be found at:

About Mohammad Farhat

Mohammad Farhat is the founder of The Practical MBA focused on helping individual employees gain the skills required for a promotion.

Media Contact
Company Name: Practical MBA Program
Contact Person: Mohammad Farhat
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Phone: +1 (236) 412-4237
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada

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