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The Made in American Movement hopes to make the voices of American businesses heard through unity and lobbying efforts.

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The Made in American Movement hopes to make the voices of American businesses heard through unity and lobbying efforts.

April 28
12:12 2021
In this increasingly global economy, small businesses are asked to compete with big corporations not just within the country, but the rest of the world. The Made in America Movement hopes to provide support to local businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs and help them secure a future where their products and services remain competitive and appreciated.

The Made in America Movement is a joint effort by enterprises, businesses, brands, and individuals who want to support American-made products and the people and families behind them. It movement represents up to 20,000 members of the country’s top companies with over 520,000 active consumer members. The movement is dedicated to promoting American businesses against the growing threat of international outsourcing and importation of goods that is competing with local products. The founders of MAM reiterate that the movement has nothing to do with politics, although they have worked closely with the White House and several administrations in the hopes of providing more support for American businesses to make them competitive in an increasingly global market.

The main goal of Made in America Movement is to unite American voices in order to protect America’s future. Members of the movement are referred to as Patriotic Supporters. As part of the movement, supporters will receive newsletters to keep them informed on any updates about different sectors, companies, job creations, and other important issues, as well as any progress from grassroots efforts. It is also a defining goal by MAM that American-made products become accessible to consumers just as much as other imported goods. By signing up as a Patriotic Supporter, it is possible to make the voice of local business owners and entrepreneurs enact change within the system to level the playing field against mega-corporations with seemingly unlimited resources.

The Patriotic Support Division of The Made in American Movement is a non-partisan organization that lobbies to support and celebrate American manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, small business owners, local boutiques, mom and pop stores, and other service providers. Made in America Movement believes that alone or in small groups, their voices are only but a whisper. But together standing united, they believe great change is possible, one that will solidify the future for everyone who believes that American products and services are on the same level, if not higher, than other products from other countries. Working together towards a common goal, it is possible to rebuild the American Dream, one that was promised for every hardworking citizen of this great nation.

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