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From Jeju to the World: Channeling the Future of Korea

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From Jeju to the World: Channeling the Future of Korea

August 27
15:24 2021

Korea Foundation marks 30th anniversary with “2021 KF Mt. Halla Forum”

Live stream on Youtube, September 2 (Thursday) – 3 (Friday)

What are the game changers that will shape our future?

KF (Korea Foundation, President Geun LEE) marks its 30th anniversary with the “2021 KF Mt. Halla Forum”, to be held both online and offline this September 2 and 3.

The 2021 KF Mt. Halla Forum focuses on “Game Changers for the Future”. Under the overarching theme of [Opening a New Chapter: Future Game Changers], the Forum poses the question, “What are the game changers that will shape our future?” Speakers representing diverse fields and multiple generations will share their answers, contributing to the distinctive format of the event.

The Forum will comprise of a total of 6 Sessions, including Special Session, Main Session, KF Commemorative Session, Young Innovators Session Jeju Future Session and Jeju PD Lab session. Each session will feature rich discussions to share with the world diverse insights and visions on our future, and to seek means of global cooperation and prosperity.

KF is proud to present the following speakers who will contribute to the discourse:

Outlining the big picture with a global perspective in the Special Session: Professor Markus Gabriel (Chair Professor in philosophy at the University of Bonn; genius philosopher known for being “Germany’s youngest chair professor of philosophy”).

An all-star panel of most prominent experts from major disciplines, to explore the future of the Republic of Korea in the Main Sessions: (Artificial Intelligence) Changho SUH, Professor, KAIST; (Bio Sciences) Hyunsook LEE, Professor, Seoul National University; (Art) Daehyung LEE, Director, Hzone; (Space) Hyunjoon YOO, Principal Architect, Hyunjoon Yoo Architects; (Environment) Sang-Hyup KIM, President of Jeju Research Institute; and (Big Data) Gilyoung SONG, Senior Executive Vice President, VAIV Company.

Objectives for the future of international cooperation will be discussed in the KF Commemorative Session, with Hartmut KOSCHYK, Co-Chair, Deutsch-Koreanisches Forum; DINO PATTI DJALAL, Founder, Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI); Heungkyu KIM, Professor, Ajou University; Kijeong NAM, Professor, Seoul National University; Gu Ho EOM, Professor, Hanyang University; and Hee-Ok LEE, Director, Sungkyun Institute of China Studies.

Experts from the next generation, who have spearheaded innovation in their respective fields with fresh perceptions and out-of-the box thinking, share their outlook for the future from new angles in the Young Innovators Session, with Dong Hun LEE, CEO, Coronamap; Hoonmin CHOI, CEO, TableManager Inc.; Ji-Hoon CHOI, CEO, B-Farmer; and Ji Won KIM, CEO, ReDWit.

The Jeju Future Session showcases the stories Jeju has to offer alongside insights for the future of Jeju, with Young Rocky KIM, CEO, Next Challenge Foundation; Jinju KWON, Chief Marketing Officer, Jeju Beer Company; Eun-Joo KIM, Haenyeo, and Hyung-joon KIM, Haenam, the fishing community of Sillye-ri; and Yongwon LEE, CEO, Sleepinglion Inc.

Discover the unique culture of Jeju along with its public diplomacy assets with the Jeju PD Lab, brought to you in collaboration with YouTube content creators Dan & Joel.

True to its name that refers to Jeju’s landmark mountain, the KF Mt. Halla Forum includes a wide variety of content designed to promote the future value and promise of Jeju Island, where the KF headquarters is also located.

The Forum aims to attain shared growth in the local community in its truest sense, and to strategically broaden the scope of assets for public diplomacy.

On top of hosting the Jeju Future Session and Jeju PD Lab which zero in on the Jeju area, the Forum draws on cooperation with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Tourism Organization to encompass the true values of Jeju.

According to Geun Lee, President of the Korea Foundation, “ is a special event aiming to channel the intellectual imagination of Jeju and Korea to the global community“. Lee added that he looks forward to much interest and support for the Forum, “so that the world will learn what the Republic of Korea, already one of the advanced nations, confidently envisions for its future“.

Because safety, COVID 19 infection prevention and control are the foremost priorities, the event will be delivered online via live stream. Participants may join through the Mt. Halla Forum official website ( or Korea Foundation’s official Youtube Channel. Visit the official Forum website to engage with us via advance registration, upcoming online promotional events and question submissions.

Since its establishment in 1991, the Korea Foundation (KF) has served as a bridge between the Republic of Korea and the world. Relocation of its headquarters to Jeju in July 2018 marked a turning point for KF; the distinctive assets of Jeju have since become central to KF’s agenda for future public diplomacy, with an array of projects promoting the values of the island around the world. This year, celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Korea Foundation officially launches the , to be followed by more broad-based initiatives to turn a new page, and to connect Korea, Jeju and the world with closer ties in our quest for a future that benefits all.

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