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Our Primary Doc Prioritizes Health Insurance Plans in Florida

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Our Primary Doc Prioritizes Health Insurance Plans in Florida

January 07
23:30 2022
Our Primary Doc Prioritizes Health Insurance Plans in Florida

Our primary Doc is an innovative concept that provides top-notch healthcare services and connects a community of like-minded individuals with easy access to quality health care through local practitioners and innovative medical cost-sharing approach. The firms provide better access to individuals by offering them memberships to health care alternatives that are neither governed nor monitored by health insurance. The company focuses primarily on promoting a better lifestyle in the community where they live and work. And that is why they believe that patients should come first; thus, they end up meeting individuals’ health concerns first.

Speaking about health insurance, the company spokesperson said, “Medical cost-sharing insurance plans encourage you to pay a certain amount to avail services before your health care plan starts to cover the expenses. However, with the rising medical expenses in the US, medical cost-sharing health insurance membership has become a solution. Individuals looking for medical cost-sharing health insurance alternatives can contact us. We educate our members on how to choose the best health insurance cover. The membership in our firm contains three-tier initial and un-shareable amount (IUA) options that include $1000, $2500, and $5000. An IUA is an amount the member is generally accountable for before sharing medical costs. Additionally, 99% of our member’s health care demands can be achieved by our Direct primary Care Doctors, with a $o office visit fee.”

Our primary Doc takes immense pride in providing high-quality health services to their members. The company answers swiftly to the demands and concerns of its members. They have a committed and passionate concierge team that assists members in finding their desired medical specialists. However, if you want to know more information about health insurance in FL, contact Our Primary Doc today, and they will provide any health insurance of your desires.

The company spokesperson further commented, “Our Primary Doc offers our members unlimited access to Direct Primary Care doctors. The DPC model is a meaningful alternative to the fee-for-service billing system. At Our Primary Doc, we have combined DPC physicians with an affordable medical cost-sharing plan for a low monthly price. Our innovative and comprehensive healthcare plans give what traditional health insurance plans can’t achieve. We provide regular care and protection from significant medical expenses needs with a DPC physician to guide you through every stage of your healthcare journey. Additionally, our telehealth platform allows you to get care when you need it, even if your DPC doctors are not available. That means you can avoid going to an emergency care clinic, which is the most inconvenient and costly form of healthcare for non-emergency health situations.”

Our primary Doc is not a health insurance company. Instead, it is an advanced comprehensive health care solution currently offered to the people of great Orlando. Their members receive unlimited access to direct primary care, telehealth, mental health, and medical-sharing plans for significant health expenses.

About Our Primary Doc

Our Primary Doc provides the most affordable and reliable direct primary care in Orlando. They provide clients with better access to physicians, establish an authentic therapeutic relationship, and provide comprehensive patient care. Members also receive unlimited access to their healthcare provider, with little to no wait time, longer appointment times, whether in person, virtually, or by phone.

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Address: 3170 Citrus Tower Blvd Suite or Floor Number Suite A

Clermont, Florida

Phone: 4072703191

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