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By space travel – Space Railway provides revolutionary space access with the invention of a breakthrough technology

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By space travel – Space Railway provides revolutionary space access with the invention of a breakthrough technology

July 29
12:21 2022
Space Railway is on a mission to redefine space travel and easy inter-planetary access. The company is bringing a massive change to the space transportation realm by inventing a novel technology. Space Railway will make space access safe and affordable, unlike current rocket launch companies.

USA – Space Railway is an innovative company with a vision to deliver an inexpensive, eco-friendly, high-volume solution to access all levels of space. The company is creating a reliable way to travel to space, from low Earth orbit to deep space. Furthermore, Space Railway aims to redefine space travel with ten times more payload capacity than commercial rocket companies with its cost-effective solution.

Space Railway has a team of experts implementing its patented technology to radically change the way we travel to space. Space Railway will use a unique approach for space access with its Hybrid Transport Vehicle (HTV) powered by Maglev Technology along a carbon nanotube (CNT) railway-like track. With Space Railway, traveling to the cis-lunar region, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and beyond will soon be a reality for ordinary people.

The company’s goal is to provide access to four main areas: Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Geostationary Orbit (GEO), High Earth Orbit (HEO), and Interplanetary Travel and Apex. By revolutionizing space travel, the company will bring a new experience to the world of space travel. Space Railway is developing a superior, safer method to deliver people, places, and things to space. The company’s mission is to democratize space travel allowing average income individuals the same access to space enjoyed by only by the wealthy few with today’s commercial rockets.

One of the spokesperson at Space Railway was quoted as saying, “Space Railway has solved many problems previously plaguing space elevator concepts by utilizing magnetic levitation coupled with jet engines for propulsion which allows the HTV to fully capitalize on the strength, superconductivity, and ultralightweight characteristics of carbon nanotubes to achieve speeds greater than the fastest rockets.”

About Space Railway:

Space Railway is bringing innovation to space transportation. Space Railway aims to make space travel affordable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Space Railway has a vision to habitate the entire solar system at a much faster pace than is possible with rocket technology.

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