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X Rapid Technologies Always Do the Right Things Not Easy Things in Prototyping

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X Rapid Technologies Always Do the Right Things Not Easy Things in Prototyping

October 26
16:54 2022
X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited is a Chinese rapid prototyping and low-volume production service provider backed by more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of high-performance and critical prototypes and components.

In China, there is a trend that prototyping companies tend to prefer easy projects that require no or fewer surface treatments. The reason is obvious: easy and profitable. However, X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited still sticks to the core of rapid prototyping: verifying a part’s structural and appearance design. They do not do the so-called easy things but continue to dedicate themselves to doing the right thing. X Rapid Technologies listens to the diverse development requirements of businesses and individuals from across the globe and help new ideas from sketch to launch.

Rapid prototyping and low-volume production services provided by X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited include CNC machining, vacuum casting, sheet metal fabrication, reaction injection molding, rapid tooling, 3D printing, and more. They serve customers in the automotive, medical, consumer electronics, aerospace, marine, appliance, and industrial products markets around the globe.

What is the primary capability of X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited?

CNC machining is one of the most widely applied prototyping ways in the industry. In most cases, CNC machining is the best solution for one-off prototypes.

· Flexible CNC machining capabilities of X Rapid Technologies

At X Rapid Technologies, CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC cutting, and CNC grinding are all available. They have 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC vertical machining centers (VMCs). The 3-axis CNC VMC can be used to machine surfaces, contours, and slots. With 4-axis machines, complex features can be machined, such as spiral slots. 5-axis CNC VNCs enjoy extreme versatility in positioning and contouring. All these abilities enable X Rapid Technologies to produce complex structured parts and guarantee the ever-changing needs of their customers can be always met.

· Wide range of material and finishing choices for CNC machining at X Rapid Technologies

Materials are available in a wide variety: no matter whether the material design of the product is plastic or metal. X Rapid Technologies can machine them. For plastics, X Rapid Technologies offers ABS, PC, PMMA, ABS+PC, PA, PP, POM, and others. For metals, they provide aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel, steel alloys, magnesium, etc. 

At X Rapid Technologies, the surface treatments of CNC machining are also diverse. For CNC machined plastic prototypes, de-burring, sandblasting, painting, polishing, silk screening, laser etching, electroplating, and more are available. For CNC machining metal prototypes, X Rapid Technologies offers de-burring, sandblasting, silk screening, laser etching, electroplating, brushing, anodizing, powder coating, etc. 

· CNC machining parts made by X Rapid Technologies enjoy high tolerances

X Rapid Technologies is able to provide precision CNC machining with an extensive range of tolerances. Based on the part structure, chosen material, and drawing specifications, X Rapid Technologies creates CNC machining parts with high tolerances within a short turnaround time. As X Rapid Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 certified, the quality of CNC machining parts is guaranteed.

How does X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited excel in the rapid prototyping industry?

X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited is known for its true customer-centric consulting approach. It is baked into their DNA. Years of experience in the industry enables it to answer the varied demands of the customers. Rapid prototyping is not simply making things exactly to the 3D drawings. By identifying the geometries that cannot be manufactured mass production-ready, they can offer suggestions for manufacturability, helping customers mitigate risks.

The team is also forward-thinking. X Rapid Technologies always strives to deliver its customers’ products into the marketplace ahead of the competition. Their custom solutions are proven. They help to increase their customers’ profits by reducing and eliminating both hard and soft costs associated with the manufacturing process both for prototyping and short-run product projects.

What services can you get from X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited?

X Rapid Technologies has been serving clients on a global scale for over 10 years. Language, time difference, and after-sale services are usually among the top concerns for international customers. Project managers and engineers at X Rapid Technologies all know English well. The whole team can fully understand the 3D and 2D technical drawings in English to ensure everything is done correctly. 

Further, not only can you get free quotes within 24 hours, but also you can contact your 1-on-1 project manager within a 24-hour frame, ensuring that problems are addressed promptly. You can contact your project manager if there is any question after receiving your prototype parts in 3 days. Customer-friendly after-sale services are one of the reasons why customers keep a long business relationship with X Rapid Technologies.

Contact X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited to kickstart your project today!

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