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Unique One Network releases the schedule of its IDO from October to November. 2022.

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Unique One Network releases the schedule of its IDO from October to November. 2022.

October 26
21:24 2022
Unique One Network is a Substrate-based EVM compatible Appchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution. Recently, the company announced the date of its IDO.

Business Bay, Dubai – Unique One Network is an EVM Compatible Appchain on the Octopus Network. In the latest record, the company is excited to announce that it will conduct its IDO from October 30, 2022, to November 6, 2022. A total of 13 million tokens will be put on sale for the public round with 13% of the total supply. The percentage will be split across multiple launchpads.

The IDO phase allows Unique One Network traders to participate in $UNET’s investment round and be a part of a decentralized economy where the traders’ digital assets, like NFTs, can be traded. It also enables its clients to interact in its Metaverse, built as home.

Furthermore, UniqueOne Network functions as a multichain blockchain hub as an active NFT marketplace to connect all Unique One dApps and provide governance development for all Unique One artists and creator communities. It supports philanthropic fundraising through charity incubators for individuals, crypto projects, and real-world charity organizations.

The company is a decentralized non-profit platform owned and managed by the Digital Arts community; therefore also established the World’s First Decentralized NFT Photography Marketplace with unique licensing options.

In addition, Unique One Network transforms its collection of dApp Marketplaces on other EVM blockchains into a full-service Multichain NFT Hub. It can deploy NFT marketplaces with new thematic options, infrastructure, and support. Unique One provides a novel means for individuals and projects to secure metaverse lands flexibly. It uses an innovative staking mechanism for metaverse land leases.

With all these features available, the deposit period starts on October 30 and goes until November 6. The team will be providing more updates leading toward the IDO launch. Follow UniqueOne.Network social channels to get the latest developments.

About UniqueOne Network

Unique One started as a decentralized NFT platform in 2020, enabling artists, collectors, and traders to learn, socialize, and grow. The Unique platforms were developed by a team of volunteer community artists, developers, designers, marketers, and project managers with deep involvement and experience in the crypto space.

In the past two years, the company’s decentralized, the community-bootstrapped protocol has steadily progressed from the main-net launch of its flagship NFT Art Marketplace in January 2021. Fast forward to 2022, the company is launching its Substrate application blockchain on the Octopus Network.

About Octopus Network

The Octopus Network is a multichain, interoperable crypto network for launching and running Substrate-based application-specific blockchains, known as app chains.

The Octopus Network is built on NEAR Protocol, a scalable sharded layer 1. The Octopus Relay is a smart contract set on NEAR that controls the security leasing mechanism.

For more details on the project and a thorough round of what Unique One Network is and what it will be in the days to come, intending users can refer to the following links:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Media Contact
Company Name: Unique One Network
Contact Person: Dayana Kokoeva
Email: Send Email
Country: United Arab Emirates

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