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Found in Space: A Science Podcast for Kids and Teens

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Found in Space: A Science Podcast for Kids and Teens

January 23
21:46 2023

Found in Space: A Science Podcast for Kids and Teens is a semi-weekly show for the young space enthusiast, future astronaut, junior scientist, and their family.


The show is Hosted by Arwen Hubbard an ecologist and space science educator. She earned her undergraduate degrees in Resource Management and Agricultural Ecology and her Master of Science in Space Studies – Planetary Science. 

Arwen lives in the desert southwest on an off-grid homestead. She teaches astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary science online to all ages and enjoys “nerding” out about all things space related.

Listeners can learn from Arwen, an enthusiast, about everything relating to science, astronomy, space studies, and planetary science.

The show cover subject which can range from questions like; Are Aliens real? Why does Saturn have rings? What are stars? Why are they different colors? How does fusion works? How do we find Exoplanets? The list is endless. Whatever it is, Episodes are short, 10-15 Minute explorations of a space topic or listener question.

In as much as the internet has opened up a world of opportunities to study and learn, it can be overwhelming to try and do so on your own. Getting the right information can equally be a struggle, hence Arwen hopes to help Learning about science be achievable, especially and, importantly, for young learners. 

In furtherance of her zeal and passion for helping other people explore and acquire similar knowledge, she provides online and featured classes on Astronomy, Astrophysics, and are available for interested persons.

Join the Space now! New episodes are out every Monday and Friday.


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