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Quran Easy Paves the Way for Inclusive Quran learning for kids with Free Scholarships

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Quran Easy Paves the Way for Inclusive Quran learning for kids with Free Scholarships

December 06
22:24 2023
Quran Easy Paves the Way for Inclusive Quran learning for kids with Free Scholarships

In a groundbreaking announcement, Quraneasy an online Quran academy has revealed its dedication to inclusivity in Quran learning and courses. The academy, renowned for its commitment to accessible Quran learning, has introduced a free scholarship program for online Quran classes for kids and adults too. This initiative aims to empower children facing financial constraints, providing them with an opportunity to engage in Quranic studies.

The unveiling of the scholarship program occurred during a significant event—the Kids Quran Completion Certificate Ceremony. The Quran Easy academy recognizes the financial challenges that some families may encounter, hindering their children’s access to essential Quranic education. The newly introduced scholarship program is designed to break down these barriers and create a more inclusive learning environment.

This philanthropic initiative aligns with the Quran easy academy’s broader mission of making Quran learning and education accessible to all children, irrespective of their financial circumstances. The scholarship program encompasses various aspects of Quranic learning, ensuring that deserving children have the chance to participate in online Quran classes, including Quran reading, Quran memorization or Hifz Quran Classes, and other essential components of Quranic studies.

Parents or guardians facing financial constraints are encouraged to apply for the scholarship program through the Quran Easy academy’s official website. The application process is structured to identify candidates who stand to benefit the most from this initiative, prioritizing those with limited financial means.

By introducing this scholarship program, the academy aims to empower children with the transformative power of Quran learning with tajweed and Surah Mulk. The announcement underscores the academy’s commitment to creating a positive impact on society and ensuring that every child, regardless of economic background, can access quality Quranic learning experiences.

For more information about the scholarship program and online Quran classes, please visit the academy’s official website or contact the provided contact information.

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