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WIMI Announces It Has Obtained FCC Approval, and ‘WIMI Hologram Soft Light’ Will Enter the US Market

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WIMI Announces It Has Obtained FCC Approval, and ‘WIMI Hologram Soft Light’ Will Enter the US Market

April 21
23:39 2021

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Announces It Has Obtained FCC Approval, and ‘WIMI Hologram Soft Light’ Will Enter the US Market”. The market research organization IDC reports that personal and business users’ desire for mobile content is increasing day by day, and service providers must continue to increase investment in the mobile terminal display, 5G, and other fields to meet increasing user needs. The report focuses on the promotive function of the future development of mobile display for the new era of digitalization. Through in-depth research on the development of application fields such as streaming media, cinemas, and mobile playback equipment, it is reasonable to believe that video data streams will continue to grow in the next few years. The demand for wearable display devices will increase by 235% in 2025.

From 2014 to 2020, the total global consumer demand for digital content and services generated by mobile devices and portable devices will increase by an average of 30 to 45 times a year, and WIMI Hologram Cloud has deployed mobile head-mounted display terminals.

Wearable displays are a brand-new technology in modern display technology and have important applications in areas such as enhancement, virtual reality, and stereo display. The development of high-resolution image reconstruction technology, the perfection of dual optics theory and design, and the maturity of holographic technology have opened new ways for the design of head-mounted displays. There are many technologies involved in head-mounted displays, including projection technology, display technology, optical technology, ergonomics, and somatosensory interaction technology.

WIMI Hologram Cloud released a head-mounted display device, WIMI Hologram Soft Light. As the first listed in the holographic field, this news aroused heated discussions just after the announcement.

The certification document shows that the head-mounted display model WMH0D3 has been certified by the FCC through appearance, data transmission, product radiation, and other tests. The document includes pictures, a user manual, and RF reports.

FCC certification is a certification issued by the Federal Communications Commission for electronic products. Many radio application products, communications products, and digital products are required to gain approval from FCC when they are entering the United States market.

In order to meet the needs of customers better, WIMI launched the product called “WIMI Hologram Soft Light”. The product has greatly improved in terms of image color management, dockable devices, and wearing experience. In terms of image color management, combined with a powerful image processing engine, the product can show customers more transparent colors and more delicate picture quality. At the same time, the product supports docking with drones and professional cameras, which is highly expandable. In addition, the new product uses far-focus imaging technology to relieve customers’ long-term short-distance eye fatigue, which greatly optimizes the customer’s wearing experience.

Nowadays, virtual reality technology has been recognized by more and more people. Users can experience the most real feelings in the virtual reality world. The authenticity of its simulated environment is difficult to distinguish from the real world, making people feel immersive. At the same time, virtual reality has all the perception functions that humans have, such as hearing, vision, touch, taste, smell, and other perception systems. Besides, it has a super simulation system, which truly realizes human-computer interaction. Meanwhile, during the process, it enables people to operate at will and get the most realistic feedback from the environment. It is the existence, multi-sensitivity, interactivity, and other characteristics of virtual reality technology that make it loved by many people.

In the next five years, global AR/VR headset shipments will show a rapid growth trend. VR headset shipments in 2019 reached 19.52 million units and are expected to grow to 150 million units by 2025.

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