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Timely Rain Remains One of China’s Top Providers of Legal Assistance Regarding Intellectual Property Litigation and Disputes

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Timely Rain Remains One of China’s Top Providers of Legal Assistance Regarding Intellectual Property Litigation and Disputes

April 26
10:32 2021

To ensure that one legally owns a product or idea, they may need to register their trademark or file a patent. Doing this can be a long legal process, and without the aid of the right team, can be quite arduous. In China, one might need help to file a China patent application or a China trademark registration. In either case, many rely on Timely Rain. Timely Rain is a company that deals with intellectual property and legal affairs. The company has assisted countless people in registering their very own Chinese patent with relative ease.

In recent years, the company has started from traditional intellectual property business and has moved more towards legal services to high-end intellectual property businesses.  Their professional team has the knowledge and expertise to deal with a number of processes including e-commerce, license trading, franchising and high-tech. They are familiar and well-versed with international conventions and regulations. In addition to this, Timely Rain are among the leading experts in domestic laws and policies too. They have represented a large number of clients in litigation cases, many of whom are some of China’s leading and most renowned brands and companies.

Timely Rain’s effectiveness comes from their willingness to work closely with renowned trademark and patent agency companies. Through this, they assist both Chinese and foreign companies in their trademark registration process, as well as a number of other processes. The company has a long-standing reputation and continues to assist clients in China and internationally.

The company’s core team includes a number of highly qualified individuals. Through their efforts, they are able to provide a number of services including acting as intellectual property legal counsel or representing their client in an intellectual property litigation. Timely Rain also assists clients in acting trademark patent applications, as well as intellectual property contract reviews. This has made them one of the most versatile and diverse providers of intellectual property assistance and legal affairs.

About Timely Rain

At the beginning of our establishment, Timely Rain created the service direction of intellectual property rights. Its expertise in assisting companies to establish effective intellectual property protection mechanisms and patent, trademark, software, and trade secret litigation has been widely recognized by the industry. Clients provide high-quality legal services such as international intellectual property protection, international technology transfer, technical services and international trademark licensing.

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