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CEO Instaskincare USA Olena Shares Top Reasons on the Importance of Drinking Water

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CEO Instaskincare USA Olena Shares Top Reasons on the Importance of Drinking Water

April 28
02:33 2021

Instaskincare is the leading USA skincare brand that takes care of women’s health. Brand CEO Olena shared with us the most important reasons you have to drink water to have perfect skin.

“We hear every day about the significance of drinking water: they say it is crucial to fulfilling a daily norm of two liters of water consumption. But there are so many experts say about different amounts of water one has to consume. It is not very clear. I will share with you some solid reasons why you have to drink water if you want your skin to be healthy,” said Olena Kubrak, the CEO of Instaskincare. 

“The skin needs water like any other organ: for the circulatory system to work stably, for the cells to grow and divide correctly. And for removing toxins as well.

“Besides, the lower layer of the skin – the dermis – contains intercellular fluid, the basis of which is, of course, water. And the collagen fibers located in the same place also cannot live without water. When our skin lacks moisture, the amount of intercellular fluid decreases, collagen fibers dry out, become thinner, and curl. This skin is called dehydrated skin.”

Instaskincare USA shared that drinking water is an affordable way for everyone to stay healthy, though water quality matters. That is why the brand launched the “Water Challenge,” promoting water drinking significance in different social circles.

“We are happy to help raise awareness among women and men about the influence the water has on our bodies. We want our community to live healthier and more comfortable in their skin.”

The other reason why people need to watch their water routine is tap water. Olena advises checking the quality of water in the region you live.

“The solution depends on the region you live in. You can find water composition on the website of the local Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. Most likely, the water will be hard (this means that it contains a lot of magnesium and calcium). Also, city water contains chlorine (much chlorine). This “cocktail” dries the skin a lot and can irritate.

“To avoid adverse effects, it is ideal for washing your face with bottled or filtered water. Just rinse the skin with water from outside of the tap at the end of each cleansing.”

Olena is the leader who advises the things she follows herself. She shared some advice on how to help dehydrated skin in no time.

“It is important not to confuse temporary condition (dehydration) and skin type (dry). Here are the main signs of dehydrated skin: after washing, even with mild cleansers, the face tightens; foundation creams roll and crumble during the day; the complexion changes to grayish, and the skin becomes dull; you feel tight, but you see an oily sheen in the mirror.

“Since dehydrated skin does not receive enough moisture, it tries to absorb it from everything you apply: tap water, cleansing foam, foundation. Such skin needs additional active hydration, and cosmetics with an extract are best for this aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. You should apply products with hyaluronic acid to a damp or even wet face.”

Instaskincare’s final tip is to take care of the skin by giving it less straight sun rays.

“You always have to apply an SPF 35 if you live in the area without sun. It is important to acknowledge that protection of your skin prevents dehydration as well.” Olena noted. 

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