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April 28
06:18 2021 Informs About Three Office Amenities That Can Help Improve Health in the Workplace

Millions of people have been fortunate enough to follow through with the careers of their dreams. At the very least, they’ve found jobs they enjoy that pay well. In many cases, those goals and career paths have landed them in offices where they happily fulfill their responsibilities for anywhere from eight to 12 hours a day or so.

According to recent reports, though, an estimated 86 percent of those people may be suffering from health issues because of their indoor, office-based jobs. As such, making the office a healthier workplace can help ward off health problems, missed days from work, reduced productivity, and many other resulting issues. One can click reference to learn more about one of the key ways to improve the health of one’s office workers, but some additional effective measures will be covered right now.

Bring in Some Plants

People spend between 80 and 90 percent of their time indoors these days, and reports show that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. This leads to allergies, respiratory issues, and numerous other illnesses. Research indicates that indoor plants can improve indoor air quality by absorbing many pollutants. In turn, they aid in reducing the health effects of those contaminants.

Increase Natural Lighting

Increasing the amount of natural lighting in the workplace can also go a long way toward improving employees’ health. Natural light offers quite a few benefits over artificial lighting. These include reducing sleep issues, lowering the risk of depression, increasing vitamin D levels, and many others. One can have additional windows installed or simply remove coverings from existing ones.

Having new windows installed can be a massive undertaking for many office spaces. It’s certainly a time-consuming and expensive project. Office landlords don’t take return to work for granted following the pandemic, though, so some may be willing to make such an investment to improve the health of their tenants and keep the rent money coming in.

Schedule Movement Breaks

Numerous office employees suffer from lower back pain, joint stiffness, eye strain, weight gain, and other serious health issues due to sitting for long periods. Groups like Eden Health and other authoritative sources recommend employees getting up and moving around from time to time, as such behavior can help reduce those negative impacts.

Scheduling times for one’s office staff to walk around or letting them know that doing so is encouraged will greatly improve their physical health and emotional well-being. Additionally, those small interludes in the day can aid in boosting productivity in many ways.

Keeping Employees Healthy

Bringing in live plants to reduce indoor air pollutants and improve office morale and increasing the amount of natural lighting available to employees are effective measures for keeping employees healthy. Making sure office workers take a moment here and there to get up and move around can make a world of difference as well. These and other steps will aid in improving productivity and reducing days missed from work among several additional benefits. 

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