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Common Electrical Issues That Arise During Summer

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Common Electrical Issues That Arise During Summer

July 31
02:54 2021

Summer comes as a much-needed reprieve not just to school-aged children who are ready for a break from studying, but also to adults looking to head to the beach or spend nights out on the town with friends. Although nearly everyone looks forward to those care-free summer months, homeowners can also find the benefits of summer balanced out by some added seasonal stresses. Read on to find out about some of the most common summer electrical issues.

More Frequent Overloads

Summers in Westminster, CA can get unpleasantly hot, so most families run air conditioning units frequently, or even around the clock. Many families also use extra appliances in the summer months, which can place an added strain on their homes’ electrical panels and increase the risk of overloads. Upgrading the electrical panel can put a stop to dangerous and frightening symptoms like flickering lights, flying sparks, buzzing sounds, and overheating receptacles.

More Frequent Storm Damage

Power outages are more common during the summer months because severe storms tend to occur more frequently. Wind, rain, and lightning can all take their toll on the municipal power grid and individual homes, causing not just outages, but also potentially dangerous power surges. S.E. Electrical Services, Inc can install surge protection devices or power regulators that will keep all the electronics and appliances in modern homes safe from damage.

Blackouts and Brownouts

When summer storms or fires roll through, the municipal grid may go down. During hours of peak demand, local electricity suppliers may also implement rolling blackouts or brownouts, leaving families without the power they need to weather storms or heat waves.

Excessive Reliance on Extension Cords

Older homes often have an insufficient number of outlets to accommodate a modern family’s needs. It may not seem like an issue during the winter when people don’t tend to use as many appliances, but in the summer, it can become a serious problem.

Don’t resort to running extension cords all over the house or plugging in window AC units and other high-energy appliances remotely. Extension cords are meant to be used only for short periods of time, and most can’t handle the extreme loads drawn by air conditioners. Instead, visit to learn about residential upgrades like electrical remodels and new outlet installations.

Exorbitant Energy Bills

It’s normal for a family’s electricity use and local energy prices to go up in the summer, but if the household’s bills have suddenly skyrocketed, that may be a sign of trouble. The home’s appliances may be experiencing drops in energy efficiency, or there may be a more serious underlying problem. Call to schedule an electrical inspection and efficiency audit.

Get Help With Summer Electrical Problems

Need help dealing with one of the common summer electrical problems described above? S.E. Electrical can help. Visit or call (714) 448-6252 to schedule a service visit today.

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