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Pacminer begins new talks with the Ghanaian government to boost miner hiring and increase local job opportunities

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Pacminer begins new talks with the Ghanaian government to boost miner hiring and increase local job opportunities

September 19
13:12 2023

On March 5th, the blockchain mining platform Pacminer engaged in its second round of discussions with the Ghanaian government. Both parties exchanged views on future developments and reached a harmonious consensus. Over the next nine years, Pacminer is committed to providing the Ghanaian region with over 3 million job opportunities, with an aim to expand its global market share, invigorate its mining pool activity, and accelerate the listing speed of PAC tokens. As a prerequisite for Pacminer’s foray into the Ghanaian market, it is imperative that they offer novel employment and investment avenues to all average Ghanaian citizens, thereby fortifying local businesses, propelling employment rates, and elevating the quality of life.

Based on project assessments and feasibility studies, once the agreement is inked, Pacminer will promptly commence its initiatives, paving the way for novel growth opportunities in the local arena.

Beyond the extensive recruitment of miners, Pacminer is also poised to recruit operational and managerial teams in Ghana, offering comprehensive solutions in the global blockchain economy. This roster includes positions such as Sales Managers, Brand Strategists, Financial Managers, Business Collaboration Managers, and Customer Service Managers. In ensuring Pacminer continues to cultivate a positive and secure environment for its users, there’s a marked emphasis on hiring adept local talent, bolstering the company’s regional leadership team, and tailoring services to precisely meet audience demands.

A representative of the Ghanaian government commented, “With its robust mining infrastructure and innovative technological services, Pacminer not only assists its partners in achieving superior growth but also generates substantial value for the Ghanaian market. They have set an exemplary standard globally. We believe Pacminer’s expansion will usher in numerous employment opportunities for the Ghanaian market and, through the supply chains and key technological innovations inherent to the blockchain industry, will infuse the locale with significant economic vigor.”

Pacminer articulated, “Our collaboration with the Ghanaian government is a strategic move in our overall developmental blueprint. By invigorating the mining activity within the Ghanaian market, it not only lays the foundation for enhancing the production capacity of our mining machinery and associated products but also amplifies our business reach. This allows us to harness our existing technological prowess, fortify our operational performance, reinforce our mining endeavors, and further sharpen our core competitive edge.”

Historically, Pacminer boasts 19 expansive blockchain mines globally, strategically located in nations such as Venezuela, Mongolia, the United States, Norway, and India, with an operating fleet of nearly 800,000 mining machines. The burgeoning user base in the Ghanaian region complements the platform’s novel network distribution layout, positioning Pacminer favorably to explore and forge pivotal partnerships in the proximate territories.

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