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Puja Guha Returns With the Perfect Thanksgiving Gift With Reckoning From the Shadows

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Puja Guha Returns With the Perfect Thanksgiving Gift With Reckoning From the Shadows

December 06
18:40 2023

The Thanksgiving season brings us the winds of fall, a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, and roast turkey – a perfect menu for nights of self-indulgent reading by the fireplace. The only question remains: which book? Author Puja Guha presents the ideal Thanksgiving read with the fourth installment of her riveting espionage series, RECKONING FROM THE SHADOWS. 

That’s right, The Ahriman Legacy returns with quadruple action, drama, and suspense. That being said, Puja takes a unique approach with this sequel. Readers who love perfect character development, psychological warfare, and emotional resonance all weaved together are in for a great ride in this action thriller.

Puja kicks off her story with Veronica Salazar, an Agency spy on the run from the FSB, moving from safehouse to safehouse. She seeks solace from the enemy, only to be confronted by a certain someone from her past… Kevin. An Agency traitor who comes with a warning for his ex-girlfriend: her life is in grave danger.

As Kevin flees, the mole hunt begins. 

With a strong premise and immersive action sequences, where Puja truly shines with RECKONING FROM THE SHADOWS is how brilliantly she converges Veronica’s narrative with that of the series protagonist, Petra Shirazi. We see Petra trying to run away from her past and restart life with her partner Kasem Ismaili, but only for so long after Veronica comes knocking with a proposition.  

Under threat of blackmail, Petra and Kasem, formerly known as the deadly assassin, the Ahriman, have no choice but to join Veronica’s dangerous op to bring Kevin to justice. After tracking him to the East African Great Lakes region, the team gets caught in an even larger plot: Chinese intelligence is attempting to orchestrate a military coup d’état to ensure their stake in a major green energy deal.

Among the plethora of espionage fiction books that rely heavily only on action sequences with limited character development, Puja Guha’s versatility is what we’re most thankful for. 

Will Petra, Veronica, and the team succeed in their mission? Only one way to find out. Grab RECKONING FROM THE SHADOWS this Thanksgiving! 

About the Author

Puja Guha is the creative genius behind the espionage phenomenon and the spy thriller series The Ahriman Legacy. She is an avid reader with a passion for storytelling. Puja prioritizes emphasizing diverse cultures and incorporating a combo of intriguing plots, unusual settings, and well-developed characters into her writing.

She holds a dual Master’s degree in Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics and is also an independent international consultant specializing in infrastructure and business development initiatives in underserved regions worldwide. 

The author draws inspiration from extensive travel, cultural experiences, and the complex world of international politics—all of which have taken readers on captivating journeys worldwide.

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